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Whenever feminists criticize the sex industry, one of the First things that defenders of pornography claim is "women freely choose to be in the sex industry, so feminists have no right to say anything about that industry". The trump card of "choice" is one of the pro-porn advocates' favorite strategies to stave off any criticism of the industry. The purpose of this section is to show how most women in fact enter the sex industry under a variety of constraints and how they are harmed inside of this industry. Generally, they do not make a lot of money. We do know that many women choose, but under which conditions do they choose? Are they harmed by the sex industry? Can they be coerced? What are their health risks? What physical and psychological harms does this "job" inflict on them? How much do they get paid?... The sex industry has done a great job in focusing the debate on "women's choices", while the focus of any discussion on the subject should be on the consumers who CHOOSE to use pornography, and, in the case of prostitution, on the johns who CHOOSE to buy women for sex.

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