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[For more information on the National Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement: to contact them or to order the new anti-pornography slide show in PowerPoint with a script that was developed by Gail Dines, Rebecca Whisnant and Robert Jensen., to receive a copy of the script and supplementary materials, along with the CD with the slides, please send an email message to or ]

Stop Porn Culture

Our Voices Matter

The Anti-Porn Resource Center

Pornography and Rape: A Causal Model

Andrea Dworkin Online Library

Diana Russell

Take the No-Porn Pledge

Pornography and Civil Rights: A New Day for Women's Equality

Prostitution Research and Education

Off Our Backs

Feminist Reprise

Teen Voices

Equality Now

Said It



Captive Daughters

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Den of the Biting Beaver

Archive of the Biting Beaver

Media Education Foundation

Gail Dines

Robert Jensen's Articles on Gender, Sexuality and Pornography

The Price of Pleasure

Donna M. Hughes

D.A. Clarke

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press

Manufactured Contempt

Hustling the Left


Always Causing Legal Unrest

Nikki Craft, Anti-Porn Star

Adonis Mirror

Oh! Brother

Teaching about Being an Oppressor

Preying Mantis Women's Brigade

Women Rising in Resistance

Mail Order Brides and the Abuse of Immigrant Women

Nikki Craft

Graphic Designer

This is Playboy

Talkin' Trash

Bin the Bunny

No Porn Northampton

Anti-Pornography Activist Blog

Antonella Gambotto's Antiporn Site

Sinister Girl

Women's Space

Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation

Anne Bissell

The F-Files

White Ribbon Campaign - Halifax (Canada)

White Ribbon Campaign (Canada)

Stolen Sisters Campaign

The Anti-AntiFeminist



This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me (challenging rape myths)

Laurelin in the Rain

Women's Support Project UK

Rmott62's Weblog

UK Feminist Coalition Against Prostitution

Scottish Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation

Scottish Women Against Pornography

White Ribbon Campaign Scotland

Anti-Pornography and Prostitution Research Group Japan

("Interesting" does not mean I endorse every single thing written in every single of these linked pages) 

Not for Sale: A Video on Prostitution

Exposure to Pornography as a Cause of Child Sexual Victimization

New Study: Men Still Outpace Women in Porn Consumption

Byron Hurt

The Link Between Pornography and Violent Sex Crimes

Evidence Assessment: The Role of Pornography in the Physical Abuse of Women

Study Proves "Pornography is Harmful"

Pornography and Sexual Violence

Online Kids' Exposure to Pornography: Separate Studies in Two Different Countries

How Pornography Harms Children

Pamela Paul's Written Testimony to Congress

It's not about the First Amendment

Pornography Factsheet

She Never Hated Men

Who Was Afraid of Andrea Dworkin?

Men and Porn

Net Porn

Pornification is a Disease and we have an Advanced Case

Pornography's effects on adults and children

How the web became a sexists' paradise

Biting Beaver’s Story

See No Evil?

'It's like you sign a contract to be raped'

Opposing Prostitution As a Form of Male Violence: the Swedish Model

Essay on the Feminist Anti-Porn Movement

Andrea Dworkin Memorial

A New Day for Women's Equality

Why does it happen (Dating Violence)?

Interview: Gloria Steinem

These Women Hate You

What is Feminist Sex Education?

Angry for a Reason: How can you defend porn?

Angry for a Reason: Fear of white panties

Susan Brownmiller: AntiPorno

Labiaplasty: The Most Private of Makeovers

Said It Articles

An Unsustainable System: Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes