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The harms of pornography are not limited to the women prostituted inside of the industry. When pornography is widely sold and distributed across the world, what are the effects of it on its consumers (who are mostly men)? Porn apologists claim it has no effects. That's just like saying that advertisements on television have no effects on their viewers. So why do American businesses spend about $400 billion a year on mass-mediated advertising if not because precisely they know images have effects on people? Of course, pornography has effects on its users and broader social harms occur when it is distributed and consumed. This section documents pornography's effects on its users, the harms which come from its consumption, and its relationship to violence against women.

Debunking the Myth of the "Cathartic" Effect

Sexual Violence Statistics

Social and Behavioral Science Research on the Impact of Pornography

Women and Children's Accounts of the Harms of Pornography

Professional Testimonies on the Harms of Pornography

Men's Accounts of the Harms of Pornography

Quotes from Pornography Users

What Rapists Say

Watch the Educational Video "A Drug Called Pornography: Understanding the Harmful Effects" (in 4 parts):