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-- Documenting the harms of pornography (both inside and outside of the industry) and prostitution in a feminist perspective.

-- (Hopefully) Reducing further harms by providing evidence of these.

-- Showing the blatant misogyny and racism of the pornographic material.

-- Regarding pornography and prostitution not only as being inextricably related to each other, but as being one and the same thing. An ex-porn performer (who was interviewed by Ann Simonton) said: "Pornography is prostitution that is legalized as long as someone gets to take pictures or watch." (Not for Sale, 2004).

-- Regarding stripping as a part of the sex industry, and inherently harmful to women's equality, dignity, safety, and freedom from objectification.

-- Encouraging people (especially men) to stop using pornography, and/or prostitutes by showing them the industry's harms to women and children, and to themselves (as they are relinquishing their own humanity and getting further away from meaningful connections to other human beings -- some of you, unfortunately, -- I know -- , are beyond hope). It is my hope that at least some of you will understand.

-- Encouraging women and girls (as well as men, in some cases) to talk their partners (boyfriends, husbands,etc.) into stopping using pornography and/or refuse/stop dating someone who uses it (if women and girls are ready to do so).

-- Encouraging people to take actions against pornography which would not involve censorship of the material, but advocating other strategies to tackle the harms (such as education of communities on the harms, civil rights approach, etc.).

-- Recommending Anti-Pornography books and Internet links.

-- Sending your story if you have been harmed by pornography (or in prostitution) as a woman, the partner of a porn user, a family member of a user, an acquaintance of a porn user, in the making of porn, as a porn user him/herself, etc., in any of the ways described on this web site (please avoid religious comments as this is a secular website). You can send me your personal story anonymously via simply posting a comment on my blog's post here. Please do not forget that your personal account is very important. You are not alone. Your story matters and it could also help many other people understand the harms of this cruel industry. You could preserve your anonymity by either choosing a nickname or 'anonymous' when you post. Nobody would know who you are (not even me).

-- Making a difference between biologically-determined behavior and "educationally" trained, socially constructed and/or culturally influenced behavior.

-- Advocating the Swedish approach to tackle the harms of prostitution and trafficking, rather than legalization which is a magnet to the pimps and traffickers and makes things worse for the women in prostitution (This is explained on this site).

-- Recognizing gender (that is to say cultural training to "masculinity" and "femininity") as being merely socially constructed and separate from sex (that is to say the type of sexual organs an individual was born with), although the two words get used interchangeably in this society (This is also explained on this website).

-- Encouraging people to regain their humanity, have empathy, and truly care for other people.

-- Encouraging a newer healthier vision of sexuality that is free of any of the "gender" hierarchy, sexual objectification, domination/subordination, sado-masochism dynamics of pornography and this culture, and that is based on humanity, equality, communication, mutuality, respect and affection. This applies to gay and lesbian relationships too, not only to heterosexual ones.

-- Defending REAL feminism, which has been unfairly under attack (This is also explained too).

-- Creating a venue for people who recognize the harms, or who at least acknowledge that pornography "might be harmful". Send me your e-mails. I'll reply to you.


-- Defending pornography, stripping, and/or prostitution (if you send me any of your knee-jerk lame excuses such as "Women freely choose", "Porn reduces rape", "Freedom of expression", or "you pro-censorship anti-sex prude", etc., your e-mails and comments will be ignored -- I will feel sorry for you though, as you are ultimately using those excuses to hide the real defenses that underlie your thoughts such as "my right to jerk off to porn and/or be selfish", etc., and you are giving up on your humanity -- there's nothing more beautiful in this world than being genuinely human). Pornography and prostitution are indefensible. The level of harms done to women and children is way too high! If you want to stupidly defend pornography, there are plenty of forums and blogs for that on the Net. Come back when you're less self-centered!

-- Trying to wrap a defense of pornography, prostitution, and/or stripping in some kind of a "Fuck me" feminism; trying to show "empowerment" where there's none (your e-mails and comments will be ignored).

-- Sending your insults (if you send me any abusive e-mails her, or any offensive, hostile comments on my blog, they will be ignored. Some might get published on this website and used against you as a proof of pornography's negative effects on you).

-- Insulting radical feminists (such e-mails and comments will be ignored).

-- Insulting and/or blaming women, people of color, and/or homosexuals for anything (if you send me any such messages, they will be ignored; I might publish some of them in a new section just to further prove that there are misogynist, racist, and/or homophobic people like you out there).

-- Blaming the women in pornography, stripping and/or prostitution. They are not to be held responsible for the harms. The pornographers, the pimps, the johns, and the men who create the demand for pornography (especially the ones who carry on stubbornly using pornography after having read or heard about the harms) are responsible for the harms and proliferation of pornography and the sex industry.

-- Accusing us of being "anti-choice." I and many other feminists realized that women in the sex industry do not have any "real choice" in this society. Most of them have an economic necessity and a history of sexual abuse (There are plenty of studies that prove that -- check on this website). Around about 90% of them would rather leave the sex industry if they had the option. Some already have and decried its abuse (check on this website). Should we protect the right of a small 10% who'd rather stay, the rights of the few women who make a lot of money out of it instead of the rights of the overwhelming majority of prostituted women who never got the chance to make a meaningful choice and are sustaining unbearable violence and injury? I don't think so. So, do not even try to magnify the few isolated cases "of money and empowerment" here and there, like the mainstream media does. It doesn't work.

-- Imposing your religious moralities, if you are a conservative. No thanks.

-- Sending religious comments. I can fully understand that many of you (in such a depressing world), needing something to hold onto and to believe in, often turn to (unfortunately patriarchal) religions. However, please respect the fact that I am secular (and this is a secular website) by not sending any religious comment(s).

-- Telling us (feminists) that sexuality should only exist in the realm of marriage. No thanks. Not interested. Personally, I prefer partnership to marriage.

-- Defending gay or lesbian pornography. Feminists respect gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. However, we believe that ALL forms of PORNOGRAPHY are harmful. This applies to gay prostitution too, for prostituted men and boys are harmed within it.

-- Prudishness. None of this here, thank you.

-- Calling for government censorship of pornography. This wouldn't solve the problem, and we're anti-censorship. Educating communities to reduce the demand, advocating public forums to speak of the harms and a civil rights approach are better solutions.

-- Defending patriarchy and/or anti-feminism (such e-mails and comments will be ignored).

-- Denying that patriarchy still exists (many of you will do so just to try to protect the male-supremacist system -- such e-mails and comments will be ignored).

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