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 I'm Maggie, born in 1980. I am the radical feminist creator of the anti-porn web site 'Against Pornography'. I am anti-misogynist, anti-racist, anti-homophobia, anti-patriarchy, and anti-capitalist. I am strongly standing up to pornified culture and sexism. I am determinedly anti-pornstitution. I am appalled by all the atrocious ways so many women and girls suffer inside and outside of the 'sex' industry. This is why I am against this whole patriarchal pornographic/prostitution culture. I encourage people to recognize the harms of pornography and prostitution. I want women and children to be free from harm, abuse, violence, and exploitation.

This blog is not for defending pornography, stripping, and/or prostitution. This is an anti-porn blog. Pornography and prostitution are indefensible. The level of harms done to women and children is way too high! So, if you are pro-porn (i.e. defending it as so-called "freedom", etc. and sending any of your usual knee-jerk lame excuses), pro-prostitution (i.e. defending it as so-called "sex work" instead of recognizing it as sexual exploitation), sexist, anti-feminist, MRA-like, hostile, offensive, accusatory, boring or in any other way effed up, your comments will be deleted. If you want to stupidly defend misogynistic industries, go do that elsewhere.

This feminist blog is a venue for people who are pro-woman and who recognize the harms of the 'sex' industry, or who at least acknowledge that pornography "might be harmful". It is also a way of expressing my anger about living in an awfully patriarchal society, in a world that doesn't take violence against women seriously.

Please avoid posting religious comments. I can fully understand that many of you (in such a depressing world), needing something to hold onto and to believe in, often turn to (unfortunately patriarchal) religions. However, please respect the fact that I am secular (and this is a non-religious blog) by not sending any religious comment(s).

P.S.: You don't necessarily need to be a Blogger member to leave a comment, but please try to choose a nickname when you post there (if you can).

Maggie Hays' Weblog