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A History with No Name, by Adriene Sere

A Cruel Edge: The Painful Truth about Today's Pornography -- and What Men Can Do about it, by Robert Jensen

Beyond Multiple Choice, by Rebecca Whisnant

Just a Prude? Feminism, Pornography and Men's Responsibility, by Robert Jensen

Contemporary Feminism in a Porn Culture, by Rebecca Whisnant

Just a John? Pornography and Men's Choices, by Robert Jensen

Revisiting the "Obscenity" Debate, by Chyng Sun

The Porn debate: Wrapping Profit in the Flag, by Stan Goff

You are What You Eat: The Pervasive Porn Industry and what it says about you and your Desires, by Robert Jensen

Hey, progressives! Cathouse got your tongue?, by S.M. Berg

Chicken or Egg? (on Porn and Rape), by Biting Beaver and Dim

Female Chauvinist Liz: Third wave feminism through the songs of Liz Phair, by S.M. Berg

Women and Pornography: My Story, by Biting Beaver

The Harms of Gay Male Pornography: A Sexual Equality Perspective, by S.M. Berg

Getting the Monster in My Cupboard: A Personal Account, by Rebecca Mott

Andrea Dworkin Does Not Believe That All Heterosexual Sex is Rape, by Rad Geek

Anti-Porn, by Rebecca Mott

Nadine Strossen: The Pornography Industry's Wet Dream, by Diana E. H. Russell

The Legalization of Prostitution by State Parties is a Violation of International Law, by Dianne Post

Learning to Defrost, by Rebecca Mott

Sword of Power, by Biting Beaver

City As Predator; Escape From Las Vegas; Fantasies, Well Meant, by Bob Herbert (NYT Herbert columns on Las Vegas)

Introducing My Warrior, by Biting Beaver

"Against Male Sexuality"?, by Biting Beaver


Pornography is a Left Issue, by Gail Dines and Robert Jensen

Not a Fantasy: Racial Hatred and Misogyny in Pornography, by Joyce Wu
Don Imus and Ron Jeremy: Racy Sex, Sexy Racism, by Gail Dines

Sex, sexual violence, and the sex industry: Some thoughts for boys and men, by Robert Jensen

Unequal, by Melissa Farley

Rape is "Normal," by Robert Jensen

Legalizing Prostitution is Not the Answer: The Example of Victoria, Australia, by Mary Sullivan and Sheila Jeffreys

Whose Rights are we talking about: Legalized Prostitution, by Mary Lucille Sullivan

The Hidden Slave Trade (NYT Op-Ed column article "Today’s Hidden Slave Trade"), by Bob Herbert

Men create the Demand, Women are the Supply, by Donna M. Hughes

Acceptable Losses, by Biting Beaver

"It's like you sign a contract to be raped", by Julie Bindel

Men and the History of Rape, by Adriene Sere

Excerpt from Pornography: Men Possessing Women, by Andrea Dworkin

"Hot Cherry Pies:" Pornography and Justice for Women, by Stephanie Cleveland

Why I Stopped Trying to Be a Real Man, by John Stoltenberg

Our Humanity is not in our Strength, by Richard Leader

Free-Speech Feminism: The Far Right’s Favorite Sex Toy, by Richard Leader

Why doesn't she just leave?, by Trish Wilson

What is Feminism?, by D.A. Clarke

Not the "F" Word, by Trish Wilson

One Purpose, Many Voices: the Plurality of Today's Feminist Movement, by Heather Eaton

The Swedish Law that Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services: Best Practices for Prevention of Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings, by Gunilla Ekberg

Opposing Prostitution As a Form of Male Violence: the Swedish Model


I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape

Prostitution and Male Supremacy

Pornography Happens to Women

Pornography: The New Terrorism

Why Pornography Matters to Feminists

Pornography's Part in Sexual Violence

Pornography and Male Supremacy

Terror, Torture, and Resistance

The Root Cause